AP Krishna Pushkaram Dates 2016 Announced

AP Krishna Pushkaram Dates 2016 Announced - The State Government of Andhra Pradesh on 24 January 2016 announced its decision to organise Krishna Pushkaralu form 12th August 2016 to 23rd August 2016. AP Minister Manikyala Rao announces Krishna Pushkaram Dates. The decision was taken form TTD Asthana pundit Sri Tangirala Venkata Krishna Purna Prasad garu.

Krishna District Vijayawad, Vedadri, Mopidevi, Hamsaladeevi, Guntur District Amaravati, Seethanagaram & Karnool District Srisailam, Sangameswara Temple. AP Endowment Department expected a large number of piligrims visit these places during pushkaram. 
AP Krishna Pushkaram Dates 2016
source: eenadu news paper dated(Sunday:24-01-2016)

Main highlights of the AP Government on Krishna Pushkaralu:

  • Rs. 1,500 crore sought for Krishna Pushkaram works for the construction of bathing ghats and infrastructure facilities for pilgrims..
  • 172 bathing ghats will be constructed and existing ghats will be repaired.
  • Construction work of the new ghats will be monitored.
  • The ghats would come up at Vijayawada and other places along the banks of krishna river.
  • To oversee the arrangements in three districts namely Krishna, Guntur and Karnool senior officers would be debuted 
AP Krishna Pushkaram 2016
source: eenadu news paper dated(Sunday:24-01-2016)
About Krishna Pushkaralu
Pushkaram is a holy festival that is celebrated once in every 12 years at each of the 12 major rivers of India, the Krishna is one among them.

Krishna Pushkaralu, a 12-day festival of worshipping the river is held once in 12 years. Every 12th year Jupiter’s entry into the constellation Virgo (Kanya rasi) marks the Pushkaram for Krishna. The celebrations include reverence of ancestors, spiritual discourses, devotional music and cultural programmes.

Theoretically, the festival lasts as long as Jupiter remains in the corresponding zodiac sign (generally, for one year). 

However, it draws major crowds only during the first 12 days. The first twelve days are known as Adi Pushkaram, and the last twelve days are called Anthya Pushkaram. 

The Krishna Pushkaram 2004:
Last time the Krishna Pushkaram was organised in 2004 from 28 August to 8 September in Andhra Pradesh. The Mahotsavam was held at Guntur, Krishna, Prakasham ,Karnool, Nalgonda, Khammam and Mahboobnagar districts.