Krishna Pushkaralu Marriage Dates 2016

Krishna Pushkaralu Marriage Dates - Generally at the time of Pushkaralu people takes a holy dip in the River Krishna to get rid of all the sins and wicked things they have done. Many Pundits say that Jupiter(Bruhaspati) enter in to Kanya Raasi. Bruhaspati i.e. Jupiter travels for about 12 months in Kanya Raasi. As we know that River Krishna zodiac sign is Virgo i.e. kanya Raasi. So Jupiter has it effect on the River Krishna for about 12 months. Finding it in auspicious many people don’t prefer to have marriages during the Pushkaralu period. Bruhaspati (Gurudu) a.k.a Jupiter is known to be deva guru (Guru of all gods) and also guru of knowledge.

Speaking a little more about it Krishna River has got a very auspicious and sacred feeling that rises in the hearts of the people. As this Pushkaralu is occurring after 12 years so this year Pushkaralu is known as Krishna Maha Pushkaram. So the River Krishna will be having a greater effect on it by the Jupiter planet.

Marriages Dates of krishna pushkaralu 2016

At the time of krishan pushkaralu hindhu devotees of all over world will take a holy dip in river krishna to get rid of all sins. But the parents of the girls who are in the marriage planning are worrying a lot, and same situation in bachelors who wanted to say goodbye for their bachelorhood.  because there is a belief that no functions and marriage's should perform at the time of pushkaram's period.
Marriages Dates of krishna pushkaralu

Why should not marrying in pushkaram period?

Can people marry during Pushkara time ? What does the Panchangam Say? Bruhaspati (Gurudu) is Known as deva guru (Guru of all gods) and guru of Knowledge. Here is pundits explaining why marriage's should not perform in pushkaram time.

Krishan Pushkaralu will start from August 12th 2016, Renowned Hindu pundits are saying that we should not perform any kind of functions and marriaage's from the day when Bruhaspati (Gurudu) enters in kanya raasi. and they said bruhaspati travel for 12 months in kanya raasi. but 12 months is for some times.