Guntur District Pushkara Ghats List

Guntur District Pushkara Ghats List - Guntur Krishna Pushkaralu Ghats Names.

The Much awaited Krishna Pushkaram 2016 starts at on 12th August 2016 immediately after Jupiter (Brihaspati) enters into Kanya Rashi (Virgo). Krishna Pushkaram will be organized for 12 days from 12th August and upto 23rd August 2016.

Andhra Pradesh state will celebrate the pushkaralu in three districts namely krishna, Karnool and Guntur. The AP government is going to construct bathing Ghats and along with it going to repair the existing bathing Ghats. Andhra Pradesh government is going to conduct pushkaralu at Vijayawada and Guntur mainly. Guntur is well connected by road, rail and air. Government of Andhra Pradesh is fully committed for Krishna Pushkaralu 2016.
Guntur District Pushkara Ghats List
Guntur District Pushkara Ghats
Here is the List of Krishna Pushkaram Bathing Ghats in Guntur District officially anounced by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

Guntur District Pushkara Ghats

Ghat Name Address Directions
Veerlapalem Ghat Veerlapalem Village, Duggirala mandal   Directions
Pedakonduru Ghat Pedakonduru Village , Duggirala Mandal   Directions
Godavarru Ghat Godavarru Village, Chebrole Mandal   Directions
VP South Krishnaveni Ghat Macherla   Directions
Anupu Ghat Macherla   Directions
Rentachintala Mandal Satrasala Ghat-1 & 2 Rentachintala   Directions
Daida Ghat Daida, Gurajala Mandal   Directions
Gottimukkala Ghat Gottimukkala, Gurajala mandal   Directions
Ragulagadda Ghat Regulagadda Village, Machavaram Mandal   Directions
Vallampalli Ghat Vellampalli Village, Machavaram Mandal   Directions
Govindapuram Ghat Govindapuram Village, Machavaram Mandal   Directions
Sitanagaram - 1 & 2 Ghat Sitanagaram   Directions
Pondugala Ghat Pondugula Village, Dachepalle Mandal   Directions
Ramapuram Ghat Ramapuram Village, Dachepalle Mandal   Directions
Bhatrupalem Ghat Bhatrupalem, Dachepalle Mandal   Directions
Katrapadu Ghat Katrapadu Village, Dachepalle Mandal   Directions
Tangeda Ghat Tangeda, Dachepalli mandal   Directions
Dharanikota - A & B Ghat Dharanikota Village, Amaravathi Mandal   Directions
Amaravathi - A & B Ghat Amaravathi   Directions
Vykuntapuram Ghat Vykuntapuram, Amaravathi Mandal   Directions
Harichandrapuram-A & B Ghat Harichandrapuram Village, Thullur Mandal   Directions
Borupalem Ghat Borupalem village, Thullur Mandal   Directions
Rayapudi Ghat Rayapudi village, Thullur Mandal   Directions
Tallayapalem -A & B Ghat Tallayapalem Village, Thullur Mandal   Directions
Prathuru Ghat Prathuru, Tadepalle Mandal   Directions
Gundimeda Ghat Gundimeda Village, Tadepalle Mandal   Directions
Chirravuru Ghat Chirravuru Village, Tadepalle Mandal   Directions
Sitanagaram - 1 & 2 Ghat Sitanagaram   Directions
Athalurivaripalem Ghat Athaluri Vari Palem, Kollipara Mandal   Directions
Vallabhapuram Ghat Vallabhapuram Village, Kollipara Mandal   Directions
Munnangi Ghat Munnangi, Kollipara Mandal   Directions
Munnangi Ghat Munnangi, Kollipara Mandal   Directions
Kollipara B Ghat Kollipara   Directions
Kollipara A Ghat Kollipara   Directions
Kotha Bommuvanipalem Ghat Kotha Bommuvani Palem, Kollipara Mandal   Directions
Bommuvanipalem Ghat Bommuvani Palem, Kollipara Mandal   Directions
Nandulurevu H/0 Madipadu (V)Ghat Madipadu, Atchempet Mandal   Directions
Madipadu Ghat Madipadu, Atchempet Mandal   Directions
Ginjupalli Ghat Ginjupalli, Atchempet Mandal   Directions
Taduvai Ghat Taduvai Village, Atchempet Mandal   Directions
Chintapalli Ghat Chintapalli Village, Karempudi Mandal   Directions
Chamarru Ghat Chamarru Village, Atchempet Mandal   Directions
Kogantivaripalem Ghat Kogantivaripalem Village, Atchempet Mandal   Directions
Konuru Ghat Konuru Village, Atchempet Mandal   Directions