Krishna Pushkara Bath Manthra Process

Krishna Pushkara Bath Process in Krishna River Pushkara snana Shlokam manthram: Pilgrims who reach bank of Krishna river for Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 and in search of exact and interesting facts about pushkara bath process can get complete information here.

Story behind Pushkara Snanam:
Very few people know this story behind the process of pushkara snanam in krishna. It is said in hindu mythology that Kukshimbari ( Kukshi, Kuksi, Kuksi Bari) was born from the fire that came from the third eye of Lord Shiva. And he asked Lord shiva that “what shall I eat to overcome my Hunger”.

Lord Shiva replied him that “Many people visit krishna for pushkaralu to ged rid of their sins and gain Punya. Once when they have the holy dip they get rid of all sins and gain lot of punya. But to carry that along with them then need to perform a task and a matra. If the don’t do that then you (Kushimbari) eat off all their punya” says Lord shiva to him.
Krishna Pushkara snana manthram
How to perform Pushkara Bath:
One who performs pushkara snanam or Pushkara bath, first need to get into krishna river and take some mud from the bank of river and throw it into river and say mantra
" Pipplaadapsamupanna Krutye Loka Bhayankari Vrutyu Kaante vayadatta Mahaarartham Prakalpaya "
Those pilgrims who don’t perform this action and say this mantra kukshi will eat away their punyam.